CHN PPO is a leading preferred provider organization serving the northeastern United States with a premier, highly-credentialed network of over 140,000 health care providers. Through these direct network contracts and a national network of PPO affiliates, CHN delivers a coast-to-coast competitive edge to the insurance carriers, TPAs, Joint Insurance Funds, counties, municipalities and school boards we serve.

The cornerstone of our network is top-quality health care providers highly skilled in diagnosing and treating automobile and workplace injuries. Our participating provider agreements contain specific language addressing the auto (PIP), workers’ compensation and group health lines of business.

Affiliated PPO Network Partners

By partnering with select regional PPOs that achieve high levels of credentialing, accessibility and cost savings consistent with our rigorous standards, CHN PPO offers seamless PPO access to our clients. CHN PPO maintains the appropriate credentials and compliance in all states. Specific state-by-state credentials are available upon request.